Farmer's taste
Farmer style black pudding with mashed root vegetables, cranberries and salad mix
11.50 EUR
Buffalo wings
Fried chicken wings served with special spicy cheese sauce
7.60 EUR
Merilin’s pearls
Breaded cheese mix with homemade Mery Rose sauce
9.50 EUR
Beer Jazz
3.90 EUR
Merry me tonight!
7.50 EUR
Ring Of Fire
Fried onion rings with a delicious sauce
6.00 EUR
Elvis snack
Hot Bruschettas served with local tomatoes, blue onions and Mozzarella cheese
6.70 EUR
Favorite snack from our garage
Chicken Nuggets with spicy sauce
8.50 EUR
Cheese Moon
Plate with latvian cheeses served with honey and seasonal berries
11.00 EUR
Fisherman’s snack
Riga sprats with roasted rye bread
11.60 EUR
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Special boston salad
Grill salad with salmon and pesto sauce
13.80 EUR
Chicken run
Warm chicken salad with vegetables and roasted almonds
8.00 EUR
The Classic USA
with chicken/ bacon/ prawns
7.00 EUR
Texas ranger soup
Aromatic cheese soup with chicken fillet and glass noodles
6.80 EUR
Gardā gulaša zupa
Delicious goulash soup with sour cream and fresh greens
13.00 EUR
Mr. Importanto Tomato
Italian Mafia favorite tomato soup with croutons and Mozzarella cheese
6.70 EUR
Main Courses
Mom lazy tonight
Grilled chicken fillet with potato jerks and classic cheese sauce
14.50 EUR
Alaskan catch
Grilled salmon fillet with mashed green peas and Holand sauce
16.70 EUR
Cod fillet
with grub risotto and truffle sauce
16.90 EUR
Al Capone
Pasta with chicken and Four Cheese souce
7.90 EUR
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The Grand Canyon steak
Beef fillet steak with tiger prawns, baked sweet potatoes and green butter
26.50 EUR
HOG king steak
Beef steak with onion rings and grain-mustard sauce 250/ 400 g
27.50 EUR
Grilled pork ribs
grilled pork ribs in caraway marinade with garlic sauce
14.90 EUR
New! Burger menu!
Burger menu
Vegetarian Eggburger
Egg, Iceberg lettuce, pickles, cramelized onion tomatoe sauce, BBQ
11.00 EUR
Classic chicken burger
Iceberg lettuce, pickles, caramelized onion, tomato, burger sauce, BBQ
13.00 EUR
Black Angus burger with caramelized onions
Iceberg lettuce, pickles, caramelized onion, tomato, burger sauce, BBQ
15.00 EUR
Crocodile burger with spicy sauce ayoli
Iceberg salad, cucumber, red onion, tomato, Ayoli sauce, BBQ
16.00 EUR
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Kids menu
Kids menu
Chicken soup
2.70 EUR
Meatball soup
3.00 EUR
Mashed potatoes with sausages
3.00 EUR
Potatoe letters with chicken nuggets
4.40 EUR
White Fish with lettuce
5.50 EUR
A selection of ice-cream with berries and homemade waffles
3.90 EUR
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Desserts kitchen food diner sweets
Apple Pie
Apple pie from Chef’ s Grandma recipe book
6.50 EUR
For the pin up girls
White chocholate cheese cake with berry sauce
7.20 EUR
A kiss from Merilin
Chocholate fondant with strawberry ice cream scoop
7.70 EUR
California Dream
Dessert from childhood with condensed milk and marmalade
7.00 EUR
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French fries
3.00 EUR
Potato jerks
3.00 EUR
Fresh salad
3.50 EUR
Grilled vegetables
4.50 EUR
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